Mobile User Experience Design and Strategy

We look beyond devices and see people using them, creating mobile products your customers will love.

Event Genie

Mobile Solution for Events

Kauai Beach Guide

In the spirit of Aloha, providing excellent beach information to aid in the safety of Kauai visitors.


  • Mobile Strategy and Insight

    We get to know your customers. We investigate their wants, needs and specific goals. We uncover what makes your customers tick, and what it means for your overall business strategy.
  • Mobile Interaction Design

    Understanding your customers allows us to design an application that is useful, intuitive and appealing to them. We then create a set of blueprints for the development team, clearly describing the product to be built.
  • Visual Design and Iconography

    Great visual design invites customers in. We use styling to express the right message about your product. We offer a full range of visual identity services, including:
    — Visual interface design
    — Logo design
    — Custom icon design
  • Mobile Development

    We provide full-cycle mobile development services for smaller projects. Thoroughly documented and interactive prototypes for large and complex projects, so your developers can concentrate
    on the back end.
  • Porting Existing Applications to Mobile Platforms

    We understand the capabilities and limitations of the mobile platform. We consider the human and environmental factors surrounding your app, and work with you to translate your existing desktop application into an engaging mobile experience.


Our Own Products

  • Accordeon
  • Accordeon
  • Kitty!
  • Sad Comics
  • Supernova Defence

Crit BoardSend us your app for a free review

  • AMMO Rack App Design Critique

    AMMO Rack App Design Critique — Our Rack App was just accepted to iTunes, can you guys let us know what you think about the UX/UI? — Really nice app, good job! Let’s see how we can make it even better.
  • Budget Planner App Design Critique

    Budget Planner App Design Critique — Alex, take a look at my app at I have tried everything, and keeps going up and down.
    — Let’s look into the main sources of the problem. There are several key factors getting in the way of a great user experience.

Mobile Design Articles

  • Designing for On-The-Go Consumers

    If your web site does not scale well for mobile platforms, your consumers are limited to accessing your site only when they are near a desktop computer. Making the leap into mobile-app design is a large investment; strategy, again, is key.
  • iPhone Apps Design Mistakes: Disregard Of Context

    The iPhone will always be part of a much bigger picture. How well you address human and environmental factors will greatly determine the success of your product.